Open House Thessaloniki 2015

archicostudio participated at Open House Thessaloniki 2015, which has a simple but powerful concept: showcasing outstanding architecture for all to experience, completely for free. Open House initiatives invite everyone to explore and understand the value of a well-designed built environment.

The participation of archicostudio showcased their space as an inspiring, dynamic and innovative architectural office. Inspiring because, in spite of all (negative) circumstances that currently affect Greece, it keeps its positive spirit and good willing to make its surroundings a better and a more interesting place in their own small way. Dynamic and innovative because nowadays doing architecture has changed drastically, and still is in the process of changing, and archicostudio tries to up with the times and with the demands of the profession… and inspiring, again, maybe, also because of this.
In fact, they did not just simply open their office for visitors but they have also prepared an interactive art installation at the entrance of the Neoclassical building designed by the Greek architect G. Manousos in 1870.

The art installation was inspired by the current situation that affects especially Greece during this hard time of financial crisis, which is even more felt in the field of architecture.
The tree, which is the main element of the installation, is the symbol of optimism and positive vibes that, when it is based on healthy and solid roots, it is possible to create chances and ideas to give hope, not only in our specific field. With hard work, persistence and enthusiasm, this hope can flourish and give life to something new and innovative that will help to conquer all goals.

Visitors could leave messages and hang it on the roots of the tree as to symbolise wishes… or just to leave a note. At the end of the event, a coordinator of OHT2015 has chosen randomly four wishes who were rewarded with 3D-printed models, demonstration of which was part of the event program.

Click here to view the official flyer of the event.

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