Apartment Building

Project Description

This is a six-storey building with a garage, located in Rodochori, a northern area of municipality of Thessaloniki. It has been designed in a way that the façade overlooks the Seich Sou forest. The plot is at the junction of two streets so there are two entrances on both streets where one is for the vehicles while the second serves pedestrians (tenants and visitors).

Location / Year
Thessaloniki, Greece / 2008
Preliminary Design, Final Design, Construction Management


© archicostudio » Apartment Building.


© archicostudio » Apartment Building.

Our living space reflects our personality, each corner portraying our taste, needs and choices. Turning a house into a home is a personal matter. At the end of the day a house has the character of a man who lives in it.


© archicostudio » Apartment Building.


© archicostudio » Apartment Building.

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