Project Description

Due to their size large, urban parks are affected by the economic growth and decay of the surrounding society. Their ecological succession reflects the socioeconomic condition of the society over a certain period of time. By being over designed and over controlled such parks are often the result of an utopian era; archetypes of a humanitic society of the perfect man which doesn’t really exists.

FLUIDSCAPE project comes to abolish this local reflect condition. Instead it reflects a path of a processing society, embrassing its local endemic interferences. Linear elements are employed to its transformation, along its central path highlighted with strong colour, lights and green plants. A museum, sports activities, family areas, facilities, concert area, a wild life rehabilitation centre and last and most important the house of peace are based on the citizens claims and their experiences as visitors of a former airport and its inscription on their collective memory.

Municipality of Vicenza
Former Military Airport Tommaso Dal Molin
Location / Year
Vicenza, Italy / 2013
Concept Development, Preliminary Design

archicostudio_fluidscape_locationThe area is in a strategical position, in the “heart” of Veneto, on the hub of Italian North East industrial phenomenon. Between two important cities of Verona and Venice with very rich green and water enviromental systems.archicostudio_fluidscape_conceptarchicostudio_fluidscape_masterplanarchicostudio_fluidscape_functions archicostudio_fluidscape_paths archicostudio_fluidscape_green-barriers archicostudio_fluidscape_water archicostudio_fluidscape_spine archicostudio_fluidscape_green

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