Ex Bracco

Project Description

The main concept of this project is the re-use of pre-existing buildings in the area and to adapt them to the needs of the users by introducing mixed-use functions with the result of having a hybrid-typology district.

Municipality of Milan
Location / Year
Milan, Italy / 2013
Concept Development, Preliminary Design

This project consists of redeveloping a former-pharmaceutical-company site on the northern-east part of Milan. It is located in a strategical point as it deals with the presence of two important parks of the city at its north and south, while at its east and west there are two barriers, respectively, an artificial one of the motorway – which is very important for the accessibility not only of the project area but also for the whole city of Milan – and a natural one of the river – which works as a protective fence of the aforementioned company’s property.


© archicostudio » Ex Bracco. Analysis.


© archicostudio » Ex Bracco. Masterplan.

The area has been divided into two zones, a private one and a public one, integrating the river and the context into it. This seperation does not consist of any physical barriers but the buildings themselves with their functions create the boundaries of the two different spaces.

The accesibility is possible from the Northern and Southern part of the area either by car or on foot. Additional pedestrian and cycle paths have been created along the river which has been redeveloped and turned into an attractive point in order to revitalise the whole area.


© archicostudio » Ex Bracco. Maquette.

This project was selected for the exhibition “Milano East Side” that was held at the Urban Center Milano in June 2013 and it has been presented with the sheet below.


© archicostudio » Ex Bracco. Exhibition Board.

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